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Leisure Sports has been offering clean, reliable cars for over 20 years. Our family owned and operated business is located 11 miles from the Jackson Hole Airport. We pride ourselves on personalized service, well maintained, safe cars and our extensive knowledge of the local area. With so many opportunities for fun and adventure Leisure Sports is here to help. We are always happy to share our insight and experience to ensure you plan your perfect vacation!

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Jeep Wrangler Premium

Jeep Wrangler Essential

$199 Daily

$1253.70 Weekly

$179 Daily

$1127.70 Weekly

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Full-Size SUV

Full-Size SUV Essential

(Not available in winter)

$189 Daily

$139 Daily

$1190.70 Weekly

$857.50 Weekly

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Standard SUV

$119 Daily

$749.70 Weekly

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AWD 15 Passenger Van

2WD 15 Passenger Van

$300 Daily

$1890 Weekly

$289 Daily

$1823.85 Weekly

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